Every summer vacation I went to my grandmother's vacation house. It is very near in the lake. Because of no computer and WI-FI access I used to learn fishing, my father teaches me how to catch fish. In that place we never notice or remember our cellphone, because we are really enjoying the bonding moment of my family. While fishing my daddy sings for us their theme song of my mother according to him.

Even though I don't understand the song I just clap my hands and praise my dad for his song. My dad continues singing pretending that he is alone. After a minute of waiting my dad told us to keep quiet because he thinks he catches fish. My mom and I can't wait to see the fish that my father catches. When my dad pulls his fishing tackle the big fish want to escape from the tackle. After fishing my dad loves to fry fish and he was good at it is. We would have big fish fries at the lake on a cooker and he made grilling for the fish.

I remember my dad standing over the big pot, and fork in his hand, he watch the fish until they were cooked perfectly. After fishing I invite my mom and dad to go swimming, it is nice to swim because of the clear water. That was the best summer vacation for me away from traffic and busy street in the city.

My dad loves fishing when he has time he drives 5 hours to go to my grandmother's vacation house. When he comes back he bought many kinds of fish that he fetches. My mother is happy when dad brings fish she told dad she will cook delicious dinner to us.

Last semester break I invite my friends to go to my grandmothers vacation house, when they saw the lake, they ask me if they can go fishing. One of my friends hasn't experience fishing, I told her to try to catch fish and it is very fun. My friends enjoy the experience fishing in the lake. I can't wait of coming back again in the lake. I want my future children to also experience that fishing is fun. And I want them to know how beautiful our nature is. And most especially I want them to realize that nature have a big part in our daily life.